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At Catting Around Co.,

we are committed to improving the lives of feral and community cats in the community through TNR

Our Story

Caring for Cats in the Community

Founded in 2023, Catting Around Co. is a dedicated 501c3 non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of feral and community cats in lower socioeconomic communities, where access to animal resources is often limited. 

Catting Around Co. was born out of concern for the dramatic rise in the number of kittens born on the streets, leading to shorter, difficult lives plagued by malnutrition, disease, and suffering. Our primary mission, therefore, is to mitigate this unnecessary animal suffering. We utilize the humane method of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) with the fundamental goal of preventing such suffering and promoting healthier, happier lives for these felines.

We center our objectives almost exclusively on the act of trapping, neutering, and returning feral and community cats to their colonies. This approach not only humanely reduces the cat population but also serves as a key step in preventing further suffering within these animal communities.

Our work in the TNR sphere fills a significant gap in animal care. While there are numerous animal rescues, there fewer organizations dedicated to TNR initiatives. By focusing our efforts in this area, we are able to complement the efforts of animal rescues and contribute to a comprehensive network of support for these feline communities.

Together, with your help and support we can get one step closer to our mission of creating a brighter future for the cats in the community. 


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