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Your Donation

  • Spay and Neuter Procedures: Donations help cover the cost of these crucial surgeries, helping to control the stray cat population humanely.

  • Food Supplies: Your donation enables us to provide nutritious food for both the cats in our care and those we feed in local colonies.

  • Trap Purchase and Maintenance: The funds you give allow us to purchase and maintain humane traps necessary for our TNR program.

  • Vaccinations: Your generosity ensures that cats we trap receive essential vaccinations against common feline diseases.

  • Shelter for Recovering Cats: Your support provides a safe recovery space for cats post-surgery before they are returned to their colonies.

  • Transportation Costs: Donations cover fuel and vehicle maintenance.

  • Supply of Essential Items: Donations ensure we can provide food, litter, and other necessary supplies for cats in our care.

  • Feral Cat Colony Monitoring: Your support allows us to keep a watchful eye over our local colonies, stepping in with aid when necessary.

  • Equipment and Protective Gear: Donations contribute to buying essential equipment and protective gear for our volunteers, ensuring they can carry out their duties safely and efficiently.

  • Winterization Projects: Your generosity aids in preparing colonies for winter, supplying insulated shelters where possible.

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