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Illustrated White Cats

The Benefits of TNR

Humane Population Control

TNR helps control the population of feral cats in a non-lethal way. It breaks the breeding cycle of cats and prevents the birth of more kittens, contributing to a gradual decrease in the population over time.

Improved Cat Welfare

Spayed/neutered cats lead healthier lives as they're less likely to contract and spread certain diseases. The procedure also reduces the risk of certain types of cancer and mitigates aggressive behaviors related to mating.

Reduction in Nuisance Behaviors

Neutered cats are less likely to engage in disruptive behaviors such as yowling, fighting, spraying, and roaming, leading to a better coexistence with each other and the community.

Enhanced Public Health and Safety

TNR helps mitigate potential public health risks associated with uncontrolled cat populations, such as the spread of feline and human diseases.

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